Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ardupilot Mega kit

I assembled the Ardupilot Mega kit from DIYdrones.com in a couple of evenings. The soldering was not difficult, just had to take care in not applying too much heat onto the board. All the sensors seem to be functioning and the GPS got a fix. DIYdrones is a great place to start on learning all about drones, autopilot systems, etc. It does help to have some knowledge about RC planes in order to understand how to integrate an autopilot system into a plane. However, there are tons of resources on how to do that for a newbie. I will be putting this system on a Dynam Hawk Sky from nitroplanes.com. I have read some rave reviews about this plane being used for an autopilot system and is a suitable substitute for the Multiplex Easy Star.


  1. The unique culture of arduino is so cool. I will come up with a project for developing an RC plane. This should effectively introduce my son to drones. I found a step-by-step guide for making RC planes here: http://mydronelab.com/blog/how-to-make-an-rc-plane.html

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